Our firm working on industrial automation, software and training was established in January 2004. Thanks to our know-how and experience, in a short time frame, NOKTA has gained its own place in the sector. Automation and Control Systems Department has signed its first project agreement with Siemens I&S department in April 2004. This comprehensive and long-lasting project which was figured out
with PCS7 was achieved successfully and has been a valuable reference for NOKTA. Automation and Control Systems Training Department has signed training partnership agreement (Sitrain Partner) with Siemens Sitrain Training in July 2004. By then, NOKTA has been the second authorized firm in Turkey who offers training with Siemens Certificate. Our expert trainers aim to provide best training opportunities by collaborating with ITU (Istanbul Technical University) Industrial Automation Laboratory and Siemens-Sitrain. On account of its successfully finalized projects and increasing experience,NOKTA continuously enhances its customer network and includes leader firms of their sectors in its portfolio. Overall, the main principle of NOKTA is to provide its customers with high quality and optimum automation solutions.
NOKTA has been certified by Siemens as Solution Partner in January 2009